Conecta 4 Net


Connect Four on your computer


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Conecta 4 Net is a new version of the classic tabletop game Connect Four. Now you can play this great game right from your computer screen, using your mouse to play each move.

Conecta 4 Net has the same gameplay as the traditional game. In other words, you need to try to line up four game pieces of the same color in a 6x7 area, while blocking your opponent from doing the same.

The best part of this edition is that you can play a solitaire version, or multiplayer against a friend using the same computer or connected through a local network, which even lets you chat with them. The game also keeps track of your games and tallies wins and losses.

The game's single-player mode has three levels of difficulty so you can choose how smart the AI is.

Conecta 4 Net is a traditional game that has been modernized to give you hours and hours of entertainment.
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